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Employees want instant access to payroll and benefits information in today’s digital age. They want to access this information from anywhere and make updates without waiting for an appointment with HR. They are also looking for more control of the PTO process, so they get the time off they need and deserve, and there are no associated payroll errors.

Using Swipeclock from Applied Payroll Solutions addresses these issues and others, such as streamlining your HR process in these areas.

Digital Timesheets

Digital timesheets aren’t just about keeping employees happy. One of the key benefits of using them is saving the manual process cost. Employees get paid for the time they spend filling out manual timesheets. Managers get paid to verify the hours. Companies could pay thousands of dollars a month when you add up that cost across every employee and pay period.

Companies whose employees bill time to others also lose money with manual timekeeping. Their employees should be logging all time spent in meetings, writing emails, and doing other tasks for their clients. But it’s easy for employees to get caught up in their work and forget to log this time if it involves filling things out manually. 

Employee self-service through Swipeclock addresses these problems with benefits such as:

  • Automatically capturing work time as employees log in and out. The software keeps track of time worked, PTO, and other leave adjustments. Managers get alerts if an employee doesn’t punch in.
  • Job coding for employees to assign their time to different clients. 
  • Cutting hours needed in HR and making that department more efficient

Streamlining with Swipeclock digital timesheets makes companies more efficient and allows employees to view their hours and essential benefits information. This heightened efficiency and increase in worker morale can make a difference for companies struggling to make it during tough economic times.

PTO Tracking

Payroll problems and a poor work environment are two key reasons employees leave, and they are both tied to PTO. Companies that manage PTO separately from their timekeeping systems deal with errors that can be eliminated by combining the processes.

With Swipeclock, employees can see how much time they have accrued. They can then automatically send in a request for PTO without a visit to HR. Managers can review requests and make decisions on granting leave. Each request is timestamped, so managers don’t have to try to remember which came in first.

Importantly, managers can see all PTO requests at once. This allows them to keep staffing at acceptable levels across departments by moving people around or bringing in temporary workers. This helps companies meet important deadlines and keep morale up by avoiding understaffing.

Companies with complicated leave policies spend even more time dealing with PTO. Swipeclock allows for custom scripting, so businesses don’t have to try to make their policies fit within their timekeeping and payroll solutions. 

Upgrade Your Employee Self-Service Process With Applied Payroll Solutions

Payroll mistakes and problems with leave time are the primary reasons employees leave. To keep your employees happy and save money by improving inefficient systems, contact Applied Payroll Solutions. We proudly partner with Swipeclock to help businesses streamline processes and improve margins.