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Scheduling Made Easier than Ever

Better Employee Scheduling. Better Business.

Applied Payroll Solutions scheduling is software that works for you and your employees. It starts with balancing availability with skills and compliance requirements. Instead of spending hours manually tweaking schedules to meet these needs, our software does the work for you. It’s software that keeps all of your employee information in one place, giving you access from anywhere at any time. What’s more, employees can schedule themselves, so no more patchy spreadsheets where everyone forgets to put their name down for a shift.

Scheduling Software Features

Templates for Generating New Schedules

Pick the template that fits your business best.

Automated Alerts

Notifications to keep you abreast of compliance and regulatory changes.

Instruments provided for success

A suite of self-service tools for your employees that can save you time and money.

Consistently prepared

Quickly reschedule unplanned leaves of absence.

User-friendly interface

Easily fill open shifts with qualified workers.

Stay Communicated

Directly notify employees about new schedules or changes.

Let us do the work

Automate your scheduling process for predictable results.

Legal compliance

Up-to-date on these changes so that you can make sure your schedules are compliant with the law.

Accurate, Cloud-based storage

Automate your scheduling process for predictable results.

Get started with Applied Payroll Solutions.


Request a discovery meeting.

We’ll spend some time learning more about your business and your specific workforce challenges.


Receive a customized plan.

We’ll show you how to solve your biggest workforce challenges with one powerful solution.


Let’s make it happen.

Your representative and dedicated specialists will guide you through the transition process and your first payroll.