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Stop Doing Payroll the Hard Way

It’s time to put your paychecks on autopilot. Applied Payroll Solutions lets you pay your employees accurately and on time. Our payroll software simplifies payroll, automates your business processes, and keeps you tax compliant. Applied Payroll Solutions is built on a foundation of powerful technology and expert industry knowledge. Our mission is to provide payroll software that is both safe and scalable.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Life is too short for inadequate software. That’s why we’re serious about saving you time and money. Our software is designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. It’s built to:

Get More Done

Whether it’s creating a custom payroll template or making mass changes to all employees, Applied Payroll Solutions makes it simple to do both, faster than ever before.

Stay Tax Compliant

Stay within the bounds of payroll tax laws. Make sure you’re meeting payroll deadlines and adhering to ever-changing rules and regulations when you use our payroll software solution.

Manage Multiple Companies

If you run payroll for more than one company, you can service multiple companies at once with the same level of diligence for each one. Get everything done on a single platform, saving you time on data entry and administrative tasks.

Automate Payroll Calculations

Less time on payroll processing means more time helping your clients succeed. Quickly calculate a wide range of payroll tasks, from withholdings to retirement contributions, and supercharge your productivity in the process.

Never Let Payroll Bog You Down Again

If you’re ready to simplify your business and your life, let us help you make the switch. Our flexible, cloud-based payroll services make it easy to grow your business.

Get started with Applied Payroll Solutions.


Request a discovery meeting.

We’ll spend some time learning more about your business and your specific workforce challenges.


Receive a customized plan.

We’ll show you how to solve your biggest workforce challenges with one powerful solution.


Let’s make it happen.

Your representative and dedicated specialists will guide you through the transition process and your first payroll.