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Time & Attendance Software

Optimized Timekeeping & Approval

No more waiting to approve timecards or clunky processes for employees. Applied Payroll Solutions helps track time on any device and complies with labor laws effortlessly. Harness the power of technology to improve time tracking across the organization.

Applied Payroll Solutions Features

Business Intelligence

Applied Payroll Solutions offers a comprehensive time and attendance solution, encompassing everything from clocks to our exclusive time management system. We ensure seamless integration into our Timekeeping Dashboard, granting real-time visibility for you to effortlessly handle exceptions, enforce work and pay regulations, and maintain ongoing compliance and cost control. With our system in place, you can bid farewell to the tedious process of collecting time sheets, calculating total hours, and manually entering data into the payroll system. Automation ensures accurate submissions, making erroneous time data virtually non-existent.

Manager Approvals

You have the flexibility to create manager level review of all time cards based on employees, departments or other criteria. Your managers and employees have access to all the necessary tools with role-based security. This approach enhances overall productivity while maintaining a high level of security.

Company In/Out Board

Applied Payroll Solution’s Company In/Out Board provides a swift and user-friendly overview of employee whereabouts throughout the day. The board utilizes color coordination to display graphs for each employee, indicating their clock-in/out times and every day breaks. This feature offers managers a convenient solution for efficiently overseeing daily employee locations and office activities

Job Costing

Our job costing feature empowers you to track hours and/or pay associated with specific job numbers, thus providing comprehensive reports and insights into the costs related to particular projects. Job numbers can be easily added using the Rapid Pay Wizard, or employees can directly clock into jobs using time clocks. Additionally, Certified Payrolls are also available to facilitate seamless payroll management.

GPS Timekeeping

With Applied Payroll Solutions, you can closely monitor employee clock-in and clock-out locations using GPS Timekeeping. This feature provides enhanced accountability and flexibility, especially for on-location jobs.

Dashboard & Reporting

Our time and attendance solution gives you valuable information to effectively manage your business. By specifying the desired date range, we furnish comprehensive details. Our robust reporting system offers instant insights, facilitating informed decision-making and optimizing labor costs.

Mobile Apps

Applied Payroll Solutions mobile application timesheet empowers employees to effortlessly track their gross hours worked for each payroll cycle, granting them convenient access to their timekeeping information.

Benefits of Applied Payroll Solutions

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