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Time & Attendance Software

Optimized Timekeeping & Approval

HR Payroll, Timekeeping & Engagement

No more waiting to approve timecards or clunky processes for employees. TimeWorksPlus helps track time on any device and complies with labor laws effortlessly. Harness the power of technology to improve time tracking across the organization.

TimeWorksPlus Software Features

Better Time and Attendance

No matter where employees are working, track time automatically and review instantly.


With enhanced time-capturing capabilities, the software helps you verify time data on any device.

More Control

Manage everything at your fingertips, from PTO to overtime to breaks.

Geographical Tracking

The tool uses geofencing and GPS technologies so you can see where employees are clocking in.

Job Costing

You and employees can assign hours to specific projects and clients for more accurate time data capturing.

Easier Compliance

By recording time digitally, you have all the info you need to comply with regulations and navigate disputes.

Greater Visibility

Monitor when someone is approaching overtime, when they’re not complying with their schedule, or how much time off they’ve accrued.

Break Management

Make sure workers are taking necessary breaks throughout the day.

Accurate, Efficient Payroll

Avoid wasting time on reviewing timecard errors and have accurate records automatically sent to payroll.

Benefits of TimeWorksPlus Software

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