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Paying employees is a significant expense, and businesses can’t afford to lose hours or efficiency. Improving margins can help companies make it through harsh financial conditions. Using Swipeclock in concert with APS Employer on the GO can help control costs related to timekeeping in critical areas of payroll.

Enforce Schedules

Management teams must focus on customer satisfaction and workforce compliance with hours expectations. It is straightforward for one to end up out of balance, hurting the bottom line. Using Swipelock’s automated systems, managers can more efficiently help control payroll, and HR can more easily determine when infractions are committed. 

When there is less enforcement of work hours, it is straightforward to end up with payroll surprises due to overtime hours. An hour here and there might not seem like much, but these hours add up quickly and can cause financial damage to companies on thin margins.

The answer to this problem is schedule enforcement. Using Swipeclock, managers can build schedules for each employee and set alerts to catch instances of employees going over authorized hours. They can also create locks so employees can’t punch in early at the start of the day or when returning from unpaid breaks.

Employees clock in and out through a hardware clock, a web portal, or a mobile app. If they attempt to clock in early, they receive a message telling them to wait until their shift starts. The program then creates a digital timecard for each employee.

If an employee is nearing max hours, managers get an alert. They can then adjust the workforce, for example, by giving more hours to employees who have fewer and won’t go into overtime.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Coworkers clocking in for each other costs US companies $370 million annually. There are several ways companies can lose money in these situations, including:

  • Paying workers who didn’t show up at all
  • Paying workers for their regularly scheduled hours when they worked less
  • Paying workers overtime when they did not work extra hours

All of these scenarios can be extremely costly and hurt efficiency. Buddy punching can also cause further repercussions down the road. If a company is on a tight schedule and about to miss a deadline, it could pay out even more overtime to honest workers to keep their clients happy.

Using Swipelock’s automated systems, managers can detect instances of buddy punching right away or eliminate the ability to pull it off completely. Instead of paying thousands of dollars each year to employees who didn’t earn it, companies can use that money for training, equipment, or bonuses for hard-working, honest employees. 

Automate Your Payroll With Applied Payroll Solutions

At Applied Payroll Solutions, we value our partnerships with companies like Swipelock. Integrating their system with Employer on the GO makes it easy for companies to improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary labor expenses related to timekeeping.