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Automated processes in timekeeping make companies more efficient and save them money. At Applied Payroll Solutions, we have partnered with Swipeclock to help companies keep track of employees, view automated reports, and take advantage of an intelligent clock system to help reduce errors.


There are several reasons employees are in places they shouldn’t be when they clock in. Employees engaging in wage theft may be intentionally out of their areas when clocking in. Honest employees may have just mistaken their assignments.

Geofencing uses GPS to help managers keep track of their employees’ positions when they clock in. The Swipeclock geofencing system lets managers draw a radius around locations on a map. They can then assign workers to those areas. The manager gets an alert if an employee clocks in outside their designated area.

Using geofencing can help save money in several ways:

  • Workers are where they are supposed to be when work begins, and those out of the area can be told to report immediately
  • Managers can alert employees that they are out of their work area without having to locate them physically
  • Companies can easily assign costs to clients based on job-related information such as clock-in time and site
  • Employees are not paid for time if they attempt to claim they were working when they punched in out-of-area

Metrics and Reporting

Companies spend a lot of time and money generating reports from manual timekeeping. The process is not only time-consuming, but it is also ripe for errors during input, spreadsheet management, and report creation.

Important decisions should come from reliable metrics. The Swipeclock automated timekeeping system lets companies run several types of automated reports, including:

  • Hours worked for different teams, locations, and shifts
  • Overtime analysis to determine which teams, employees, or managers have the highest accruals
  • Employees exceeding their approved work hours
  • PTO hours requested and approved

Companies can use these reports to identify areas to cut costs or determine if they have employee hours available to take on a new client or project.

Intelligent Clock System

A company’s clock system should make it easy for employees to punch in correctly. Some mistakes are honest, and others aren’t, and both can severely hurt the bottom line. Manual clock systems leave too much room for employee error, legitimate or not.

The Swipeclock intelligent clock system has built-in features that help employees punch in and out correctly, help managers cut down on time spent fixing mistakes, and help employers cut down on lost time.

The interface on the Swipeclock system only presents specific options to employees. For example, if an employee has already clocked out for a break, the system will only show an option to clock back in.

If employees try to punch in early, the intelligent clock system locks them out and tells them to wait. If they forget to punch out, they get a notification when they try to punch in again. Managers also get these notifications.

The Swipeclock system lets employees choose projects to assign their work and allows them to enter information such as mileage and piece counts.

All of this adds up to fewer payroll errors and a decreased ability for dishonest employees to steal wages.

Take Advantage of Automated Integration With Applied Payroll Solutions

Timekeeping and payroll processes that don’t work together seamlessly cost companies time and money. Automate your systems by choosing Applied Payroll Solutions and see quick results in your time and labor costs.