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Employee Timekeeping and Scheduling with Swipeclock: Your Local Payroll Timekeeping Solution

By October 6, 2021August 2nd, 2022No Comments

One of the local companies providing a payroll timekeeping solution has decided to transfer its customers to a national provider. We’ve spoken to many local businesses that have enjoyed using Swipeclock — and want to continue working with Swipeclock — but want a local partner for payroll.

Applied Payroll Solutions is here to help! We’re a local provider who understands the importance of accurate timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll.

How Do I Choose Employee Timekeeping Tools for My Business? 

‌While the basics of timekeeping and scheduling may be similar for most companies, certain industries have unique challenges and need a payroll timekeeping solution that works for them.


75% of businesses have problems with time theft. It’s a particular concern in manufacturing where employees can inflate payroll with time theft or unauthorized overtime inflating their payroll. You should look for employee time clocks that prevent employees from:

  • Padding hours
  • ‌Failing to punch out after unpaid breaks
  • ‌Buddy punching
  • ‌Out-of-schedule punching


Construction companies have the added challenge of tracking employees across multiple job sites. If you are using a mobile payroll timekeeping solution, you want to make sure it’s equipped with GPS so you can be assured employees clocked in or out while at the job site. 

  • Track contractors and employees
  • ‌Simplify billing with job costing
  • ‌Handle scheduling logistics
  • ‌Track skills and licenses‌


Many staff members are unsupervised in hospitality, so you need a transparent way to track hours across locations. Look for time and attendance systems that will:

  • Monitor different employee types and location
  • ‌Biometric clock for an accurate clock in/out
  • ‌Compliance tracking to prohibit wage and hour violations
  • ‌Trade boards allowing employees to pick up extra hours or swap shifts


Scheduling in healthcare can be especially challenging because of the additional regulatory compliance to maintain high-quality patient care. Your payroll timekeeping solution should:

  • Track care provider certifications
  • ‌Schedule by departments and/or shifts
  • ‌Ensure compliance with FLSA and ACA
  • ‌Trigger alerts when employees fail to show up

The Benefits of the Right Payroll Timekeeping Solution

The right timekeeping and scheduling solution can make the job of running your business much easier. It will significantly reduce payroll errors and reduce the amount of time you need to spend managing your employees and contractors.

Accurate timekeeping reduces the possibility of time theft. Integrated scheduling options allow you to quickly and easily manage your staffing and prevent coverage gaps. Self-service shift trading can also reduce the management burden. All of these features are included — plus, you can comply with scheduling rules and regulations easily.

Employee Timekeeping and Scheduling from Applied Payroll Solutions

If you want to continue to use the payroll timekeeping solution you’re comfortable with, but would prefer to work with a local partner for payroll, look to Applied Payroll.

With Applied Payroll, you get the same capabilities you would with a national company while keeping the personal touch you only get from a local provider. You get impeccable, professional customer service from an experienced and knowledgeable team. You get unmatched reliability and industry-specific expertise to make sure you have the perfect solution for your business.

We’re a Lubbock Team

Together, we can design the right timekeeping payroll solution for your business. Call Applied Payroll Solutions at (806) 589-5003 today or send us a message online