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HR Payroll, Timekeeping & Engagement

Engage your employees and streamline workforce management. HUB provides easy access to payroll information and guides employees through common HR tasks like onboarding, benefits enrollment, and performance reviews.

The new hire onboarding process


Onboard New Hire

Go paperless. Step new hires through a standardized, digital onboarding process. Ensure that all forms are completed, employee details provided, benefits described, and connections made.

Select Benefits

Make it easy for new hires to review and enroll in benefit plans. Gather data for submission to benefits administrators. Keep the process paperless.

Connect to Payrol

Assign employee number, department and job. Link new hire to secure portal to add personal information, direct deposit details, federal and state tax forms.

In the Know

With a single sign on, employees can see a company message board with alerts and more. Access the portal using smartphones, tablets or other web-connected devices.

Connect to Company

Give employees portal access to company directory, events, rewards, instant feedback, suggestion box, and accolades. Build team spirit.

Connect to Career

Informed and engaged employees are happy employees. Make it easy for employees to request time off, adjust schedules, check pay, provide feedback, and advance.

Time and Labor Management

Applied Payroll makes tracking time simple and easy.

Our mobile-friendly user interface gives employees a convenient way to clock in and out. Intelligent clock features assure correct punches every time. Managers see who is working, on break, or approaching overtime.

Export to payroll at the end of the period for quick processing. Simple.

Time and Labor Management Features

Intelligent Time Tracking

Employees clock IN/OUT on mobile app or via any web-enabled device. Avoids buddy punching and unplanned overtime

Efficient scheduling

Visual interface for fast creation and adjustment. Employee and manager notifications. Break and overtime management.

Smooth Payroll Submission

Easy time card approval process. Quick export for your payroll provider’s import for processing.

Easy time-off management

Accrue and track timeoff balances. Set vacation and sick policies. Approve/ deny requests. Sync time off with scheduling. Receive real-time notices.

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